Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!

Sometimes I let them leave the house like this. Non matching click clack shoes and all.
They were workin' it and this mama was proud.
My mom and dad have a pretty cool garden full of grapes, strawberries, all kids of gourdes and pumpkins, and it was so fun starting off our fall with a mini pumpkin patch!
October is probably our busiest month, we have so many traditions going! And if you have been reading this blog for awhile, I LOVE me some traditions.
 We go to 2, (well counting my parents little patch 3)
different pumpkin patches one with friends and one with my entire family.
We have a pumpkin carving party night that is 3 years strong with my best friend and her family.
And many more activities squeezed in between especially with the littles getting older! They make everything so so much more fun.
Me and some girlfriends have thrown around some ideas this year, like a craft day, and a pumpkin switch day where we all bake something that consists of pumpkin and do some switcheroos.
Similar to a cookie swap.
I'm looking forward to all of these festivities and as of now, we will be one busy familia!
Ready October here we come.
What kind of tradtions do you do with family, and friends throughout October?
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  1. I let my son do his own thing sometimes too, and he just loves it. Your girls look great! :)

  2. they are so cute! I cant wait until my daughter can dress herself

  3. Your little girlies are so adorable! I love their outfits!! I am so excited for October. Fall just has something about it that everyone loves. It is the best.


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