Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reconnecting and Rejuvinating

This picture really isn't relevant to this post but eh? I like it.
This passed Sunday I had lunch with a couple of my old school best friends. A quick lunch turned 4 hours of catching up, and giving each other the play by play of our lives today. (A giant THANK YOU to Cameron for keeping the girls busy with endless puzzles and books and "spicy chicken" on football Sunday!) one of those girls I hadn't spoken to in over 5 years.

Freshly out of high school that said girl and I moved in together and 6 months later I was back home and living with Cameron. I knew he was something special and someone I wanted to pursue and invest my time in.

The say to never move in with a best friend and that's exactly what I did, and look where that got our friendship.

Our mutual friend asked us if we all wanted to do lunch together and we both agreed, and ya know what? I wasn't nervous at all. I knew times have changed and that if she agreed like she did, she was obviously over it and ready to move on!

It's crazy how easy our lunch was, nothing was forced and we laughed and everything was exactly like it was 5 years ago! It was amazing how normal it was, it was as though times had never changed! The only weird part about the entire thing is that they no nothing about the past five years.

They haven't met my girls. That's who I am now. They are meeting them both on Sunday at one of their baby showers and I'm excited for them to see that part of me. And for the first time in 3 years, no one new me as a mama, and let me tell you just the feeling alone is weird and un easy.

These past five years are what have turned me into the person I am. I am still learning and growing but I'm now a mama and that is the biggest definition that can be said. For those four hours at Red Robin catching up with old friends it made me realize how valuable life is and how lame young kids right out of high school can be!

I'm excited to jump right back into our friendships and see them both regularly! We've all grown up and are now all in the same spot in life.

Raising our families. I'm glad we've all reconnected because I've missed them. I've missed having
More then 1 girlfriend. Ive missed girl time and I've missed lunch dates with friends.

There has got to be a balance somewhere!


  1. that is so wonderful, glad you all reconnected.

    And your pictures is adorable!

  2. So wonderful to have reconnected in such a nice way!


I love your sweet words!

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