Friday, October 26, 2012

Fridays Letters

I've managed to get a lot done this week. I had our bags unpacked, washed  and clothes put away the night we came home from my sisters...that never ever  happens. It usually takes me a couple days to even get motivated. I am beyond caught up with laundry.
I managed to even wash car seat covers! Woot woot!
I've gone through the girls books to take to a book store that gives us "credit"
I have a HUGE bag to take to goodwill.
I've deep cleaned our bathroom and washed out white shower curtain.
(I still don't know why I chose white)
We even  did some room re arranging.
And now my letters.
Dear Cameron: Now that it stays dark much longer I think that I may have won that argument on getting a new lamp for our living room. Our poor Raygan said "I cant see mom" while doing her puzzles. I think that's enough.
Dear New Owl Coffee Cup: I love you.

Dear Diet Pepsi: I caved. Cameron brought you home on his way home from work. Your bubbly goodness got me, and I cant even handle it. I resisted you for 5 days. damnit.

Dear Mid Day Baths: You are oh so sweet. Popsicles and all.

Dear Holiday Pancake Molds: I'm so ready to bust you out! Perhaps tomorrow?


  1. Oooh I need an owl coffee cup...!!!

  2. Yeah, I agree...sounds like you need a new lamp for the living room. :P hehe. Hope you get one soon. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. i LOVE pancake molds...does that make us lame? i think not!
    i nominated you for the Liebster Award


I love your sweet words!

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