Thursday, October 25, 2012

Boys vs. Girls: Weekend Update

My sister and I.

This passed weekend we went on a road trip. We went to my sisters house for yet another pumpkin patch and yet another tradition. We've been going to this specific pumpkin patch for 6 years right after my nephew was born. Far before we even thought about pumpkin patches around our house.

We are always greeted with bright blue eyed toe heads. Then after we are greeted the madness begins.  Seriously you guys its crazy and overwhelming and fun all at once. I don't know how the hell she does it! They have not one gentle home in their bodies, unless they are playing with Remy of course the. In that case they are protective and nurturing.

It was intense. Sounds of dirt bike engines rumbling out if their mouth while jumping off every single price of furniture they own is a constant thing. My girls played along with their "camping trips" and "hiking trails" but they were at ease and a little less intense carrying their baby dolls along.

My sister is one tough freaking cookie. She's old school and a rock. Those crazy boys have the best manners and are so dang polite. Just wild.

I swear the second we all got in the car to head home we all sighed. Literally sighed. We were ready for our home and our version of crazy. A little quieter maybe .Don't get me wrong we're loud but its more like dance parties while we are cooking dinner and watching the girls put on a "show" for us in the living room. That's our normal. I'm in the land of girls with sparkles and pink which is very far from the land of dirt bikes and hunting.

I've never realized how different it is to raise girls and boys. My best friend is a mama to a one and a half year old boy and expecting a baby girl any day (squee!)   She confessed to me the other day that she's nervous to have a little girl and I obviously thought she was crazy because she is the best auntie ever to two special little girls. But later on I comprehended it! Like a light bulb in you head went off, umm hello? I never had to prepare myself for that because I had two girls. It is so different!! I never had to mentally prepare myself for a different gender. (Yet) and I would panic! Thinking about it makes me panic. My little man... my besties little one is already destructive! He's 1.5 and has already broke their silverware drawer, oh and did I mention in their brand new house!!! Every time I see him, another lump, another bruise.

I know I've heard a quote somewhere a out mamas to little boys but its just not coming to mamas to little boys  bless your heart!!!!! I'm in for it if I ever get blessed with a little boy!

I love my dad, hes such a goober.

And so is he.

How are your little ones? Are they as crazy as all the boys I'm around? I would love to hear!


  1. Such great pictures! I've always wanted to visit a pumpkin patch!

  2. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!! :)

    I was raised in a house full of boys so I definitely know how crazy they can be. It never ends, either! The first time I ever experienced a quiet house was my senior year in high school when all of my siblings had already moved out!!! My parents normally have a few of my nephews over there on the weekends... probably since they weren't used to the quiet. haha.

  3. sounds like such a fun time and super cute pictures!! My brothers boys are ruff and tuff but are super gentle w. Breanna its like they know!


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