Monday, September 10, 2012


Hi guys!! 
This past week and a half has been pretty intense and full of surprises. Which would explain the lack of blog posts. So I'll fill you all in!
We went on a veryyyy minute camping trips and had a blast! The girls had the time of their lives being dirty and playing outside all day.
As soon as we came home I had mile high stacks on laundry and last minute party decorations to finish/purchase for my grandmas 70th birthday I was in charge on planning Labor Day weekend. 
We piled up in our Tahoe and drove 5 hours to see my family for the birthday party, we stayed with my sister which is always loud and crazy due to 5 kids in a little house. 
The party was a success and super fun! 
The next day I woke up sicker then a dog and had to drive 5 hours back home. Our 2nd row has the "captain seats" rather then a actual bench, which landed in my favor because I ended up squeezing my body  in between chairs and slept on the floor the entire way home. It was just to uncomfortable sitting in a chair. The girls being entertained by "Dora."
I continued to be sick for the next couple days but did manage to get one major wedding planning "to do" checked off my list! We found a location and it is set and stone!

Friday night the pain became unbarable. And of course Remy was burning up with a temerapture so I had my brother (whos license is currently suspended) drive me to the E.R. and Cameron stay home to try and comfort our little girl.
A couple hours and uncomfortable tests later we found out I was in pain due to a pendicitis.

I called in the troops for watching the girls and came out of surgery shortly after.
The nurse proceeded to tell me that I now have a heart murmur which I have never had before in my life and will soon be checked out.
And that I can not lift anything over 5 lbs or drive for over a week and a half.
Ummm helllo! Someone please tell this women who my kids are! They are needy, cuddly, loving little girls who are used to being carried and held more then most.
Even my three year old.

Cameron had to go out of town due to some work so I have helped maped out for me all week. Im having a mama sleepover tonight with my best friend and after that Im being shipped (or at least thats how I feel) to my very own mamas house where I know she will love to take care of me :)

So for the time being Im home, and happy, and pretty damn sore.
I'm going to do a couple seperate posts about our camping trip (because there are some pictures Im just dying to share!) and the trip to my grandmas!
I hope everyone is doing well and having a great Monday!
....I can't believe its Monday, I've been living in a blurr.


  1. Awwwwww! I wish I was there I would totally take care of the kids and keep them all entertained. I hope you feel better!! That just sucks BAD!!!

  2. Oh geez! So sorry mama, but glad you are on the mend!!


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