Monday, August 20, 2012

You Think You Know Me?

23 Things About Me

In honor of my 23rd Birthday I decided to let you all know a little more about me! It was a couple weeks away but I just needed a number to end it with and decided that was a good excuse!
I love getting to know other bloggers, and Ill admit that I am a little nosey so I thought this could be fun.

1. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, although have never worked a    day in that field.
2. I love stationary and office supplies.
3. I only communicate with one friend from high school and that's just occasionally.
4. At least half of my wardrobe involves stripes.
5. I have 3 tattoos, one of which I would love to remove one day.
6. I hated candy before pregnancy but now its haunting my dreams.
7. We would love to reside in Seattle in the next 5 years.
8. I would have a mess of kids, but Ill settle on 3 for Cameron.
9. I have an obsession with blankets.
10. Lists Lists Lists!! I love them! Grocery lists, To Do lists, Cleaning Lists. You name it!
11. Fireworks make me happy.
12. I am a terrible terrible driver. That's something that I have recently came to terms with!
13. I never wanted to be a stay at home mama, now I cant imagine it any other way.
14. I like any song I can sing to. (mind you, I'm not a great singer)
15. I love/need organization or I go crazy. I am constantly re-doing my closets and under sinks, I just cant help it!
16. I have one brother and one sister. They grew up a couple hours away with their mom but we are all very close.
17. I will never like tomatoes, and I will never understand why people do.
18. The older I get, the earlier I wake up.
19. I plan on going back to school here soon for Business Marketing Management.
20. I love (almost) anything on E! 
21. We never planned on having the girls names both start with R. Or have their initials be exactly the same. R.K.C.
23. I always have a hair tie around my wrist.  

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