Thursday, August 16, 2012

Almost There!

You guys!! 
My little blog here is close to reaching a milestone!
As of late, I'm 5 away from reaching 100 followers. Some of you big bloggers out there may think no big deal! 
But honestly? I'm stoked! gg
I'm still new to blogging and definitely still trying to find my way in this big online community! 
I am contemplating changing my name soon because well "How sweet it is" is kind of dumb! I had. O idea what kind of name I wanted to come up with when I first started blogging and I think I may take the plunge.
Maybe not for awhile, who knows! 

In the meantime let's reach 100 followers k?

Anyways, in the mean time lets get back to reaching 100 followers!

1 comment

  1. I like your blog name! So close to 100, very cool!


I love your sweet words!

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