Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My 23 Year

Today is my 23 year.
At times I find it weird that I am only 23.

I've never put my actual age on this here blog
in fear of being judged and criticised.
It sounds so silly, I know.
But I am growing with my little blog and I felt like I should share.

So far my 23 years of life have been marvelous.
The last three are truely the best years of my life.
I was blessed to meet my main squeeze and start our life together young.

Some may think that we started to young. But in my opion we knew what we wanted and skipped a lot of the non sence.
Im proud to me a young mama to two happy little munchikins that consume my every thought.

Im blessed and happy.
I hope you have a happy day too!


  1. Happy 23rd birthday Ashlea!

    Oh wow! I would have NEVER guessed that you were 23!

    I'm 20 & PROUD to be a young mama too! :) I used to feel similar to you about the whole age thing when I first started blogging, but not anymore, because I LOVE my life! And I can tell that you love yours too! :)

    xoxo ♥ -Shar

  2. happy birthday!!! your family && blog are beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday! I've kind of jealous of you... I'm very happy with my life (and I just celebrated a big birthday!) but I would have loved to be able to have kiddos a little earlier. All lives are different and that makes us all the more interesting!

  4. Happy Birthday mama! Enjoy the fact that you will also be a young grandma too :)

  5. Happy Birthday! And My hubby and I were young too (I was 22 when we get married) and many people thought we were 'missing out' but I am with you, a family and the love of the life was the living I wanted to do! Hoep your day is great~!

  6. Happy 23rd! I guess I never thought {or thought I would care haha} if I was judged about my age. I am guessing you thought you would be judged for having 2 kids at such a young age but I have almost 3 kids at 21! So girl be proud because your girls are adorable!



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