Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ringin' In The News

My last post was on my birthday. Oh what a birthday it was. 
My 23rd birthday will forever be in history.
In fact I say it is quiet Impossible to top. 
That specific day is now as close to my heart as my girls birth days. 

The Mr. came home from a 12 hour day at work with a huge
basket of flowers. Which the flowers alone surprised me because I insisted on no presents at all because the coming weekend would be my big present.
A trip sans kids to Seattle. Our favorite place in the entire world.
We will move there one day. I promise you.

Raygan was grumpy as could be, her usual "just waking up from nap" self. And Remy had a poopy diaper I was just about to take care of.

That was until I see my big girl coming towards me wearing her big old flower girl dress from my friends wedding months ago with a box with no words at all.
I open it, she said "its a ring mama"
and the Mr. looked at me with the most child like face on and said the words.

Something I was not expecting.
Some of you probably thought we were legally married because I refer to him as my "hubbs" occasionally.
We have been together for going on 6 years and have two beautiful babies together.

We have put off marriage for a couple reasons.
But always new we were going to get married.
I'm over the moon, excited and thrilled.
I'm lost on what to do and where to go!
We shall see.

But one thing is for sure, I'm one happy mama.
I love this man more and more every single day. I'm so so lucky to have him in my life as a best friend, a soon to be husband and the worlds best daddy. I couldn't ask for more.

 I can not wait to finally share the last name with all three of

These are from Seattle. We must have had our "happy to be engaged" faces on because I got numerous compliments on my ring and we got an upgrade to a better room with a view.
It was so refreshing for us both to be alone for an entire weekend.
Apparently his plan all along (for weeks) was to ask me on our trip, but he wanted our girls involved. 


  1. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! best birthday ever! congratulations, love!

  2. That is probably the best engagement story I have ever heard! Congratulations, that is so very exciting!!!

  3. Congrats mama!!! And the ring is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Aww so sweet! Congratulations! Gorgeous ring!!

  5. Wow - What a wonderful birthday surprise!! Congratulations mama - enjoy all of the wedding planning and festivities. I love your ring, so pretty and vintage inspired.

  6. That is SO sweet!! The ring is happy for you!!

  7. Aw! Congrats! How wonderful!!!!

    xoxo Shar


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