Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Week Via Iphone

This week I had a unexpected blogging hiatus due to a computer crash! My hubbs best friend came over here and helped out a little....but it still isn't quite up to par. I need to take this bad boy in. bad.
It can be very frustrating trying to write a blog post, or browse pinterest for that matter when you dang computer exits out of whatever you are doing at any given time!

We fed the ducks. My big girl was awfully brave.
They got way to close for comfort in my opinion. At one point I even yelled "get back ducks" like they new what I was saying. Silly me.
I made coconut cream Popsicles from pinterest of course. It was a hit with Remy, but picky ol' Raygan wasn't lovin' them. Recipe to come.
Water babies
Her little squat is my favorite.
Us 3 asleep on our first camping trip of the year.
Camping trip
Me and my girls on our walk camping.
These girls are entirely way to spoiled my nana and papa.
The end of our camping shenanigans.

How was your week??


  1. So cute! Aren't little girls the best? I have two myself :)

  2. I'm excited for that coconut pop recipe but knowing my daughter she'll probably take one lick and hand it back to me.


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