Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: My Couch Ate My Camera

I lost my point and shoot camera on the night of 4th of July last year. I totally thought I had left it at the park and blamed it on my absent mindless and the fact that I had to be in charge of all of our belonging and the kids. It was a great night on the river with friends and topped it off with great favorite!

I was digging around the couch, pulling the couch from the wall, taking cushions apart looking for my phone the other day all while the Mr. was in the shower trying to spare myself a smart ass  "are you kidding me right now" remark. I miss place my phone at least 2 times a day, so I can't blame him. {I guess!!}

Needless to say I happened to stumble upon my good ol' Sony cybershot that I had assumed I left at the JULY. In the midst of all my organizing that's been going on here lately I had thrown away the USB for it along with the charger. I thought it was long gone by now! After forking out nearly $80 to replace them. The thought hadn't occurred to me until after I had already used them that the smarter idea would have been just to get a universal USB so I could have the pictures and maybe just get a whole new point and shoot camera! ahh.

So here were our long lost 4th of July pictures I thought were gone forever!

Me and Raygan/ /Super bald remy!//Daddy and Remy//Raygan eating a strawberry!//and daddy tickleing Raygan

have a great wednesday :)


  1. Just sent the kids into my truck to look for something, and they found lots of cash under my seat - now we are going for lunch - Win Win ;)

  2. Awwww there are some good ones on there! Good thing you found it!


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