Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Date in Seattle

This passed weekend me and the Mr. had an amazing weekend to ourselves. I'm very lucky and fortunate to have parents that offered to take the girls for a weekend so we could go to Seattle and have a amazing weekend! We never have babysitters and the girls are not used to being away from us at all! Like literally at all. We tried the gym day care once and they came and got us from the basketball court 10 minutes later and Raygan was literally in twitching she was crying so hard and while I grabbed Raygan from the day care lady she said "your other ones falling apart in there too"

Its not something I'm good at. Leaving the girls. I panic and leave my parents three pages of notes and label the entire house. True story. Even when I go to work for those 3 short hours once a week, I'm texting Cameron and already have a crock pot dinner awaiting them.

Needless to say, we had a great weekend. We stayed at the Edgewater, and we ate at the Metropolitan. We walked through Pikes Place and spoiled the girls like no buddys buisness. We went shopping (thanks for putting up with me babe!) and played some arcade games....I figured I better since he went with me for the shopping :) We stayed out late and got a full nights sleep, first time since I.dont.know.when. We had funny taxi drivers and had good drinks. We got to eat our food unterupted and visit a good friend. I had the time of my life and he spoiled me. We ate at Ivars and we
stopped at Starbucks.
Carrying the bad-ass teepee we got for the girls.

We did the whole cha-bang.

The girls were excited to see us, hopefully not just because we came with presents! Raygan filled us in on everything she did with the grandparents including where she hid during hide and seek. We were so excited to come home to these crazy girls who just fill this house with life and so much love.

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