Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness 2.

Linking up {again} with Mrs Stephanie T, for her Little Bits of Happiness Link up.
I think its such a great idea to take a second and appreciate the little things in life that keep ya going, make you happy, and most important make you laugh. I believe laughing is the key to being happy. 
More glasses! She loves them now! Turning into a little fashion-ista like her sister.
Painting our nails. She has to have them re-done everytime she gets a chip in them!! so basically once a day!
Basketball tickets to see Trailblazers vs. The Heat
Pink Lady Apples. My FAV.

Me and the MR. are heading out for a weekend to ourselves. All week, Ive been preparing my house for my parents for this weekend. They are staying at our house and watching the girls. I've made labels, I've made lunches, and I've put outfits together and Ive been cleaning like a mofo.
In reality, I know Raygan will refuse to wear her said outfits, and most likely choose something else for lunch. I get anxious and nervous when I leave my girls, but I know they are in good hands with my parents, they are always better for them! No fits, no attitude! They like to push mama to her limits :) have a great weekend! I'm super excited for out little adventure to ourselves!


  1. nice list!

    sounds like a great,fun weekend ahead for you! enjoy!

  2. ah! i'm so glad that you have a little fashionista/always wanting nails painted little girl too! they're the best. ;) hope you and your man have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. These little flower glasses are adorbs!


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