Friday, March 9, 2012

Being Me.

Ill admit that I sometimes struggle at finding the balance in life and have trouble being me. I get lost somewhere in trying to be a loving and caring mom, and a doting wife, as well as keeping up my duties as being a good sister, daughter and friend. I don't write much about myself on this blog and that was actually a big reason as to why I started this. (I get distracted with my crazy girls!) I wanted a creative outlet, something that was my own and I get to meet a lot of really cool people along the way.

I'm a stay at home mom and sometimes I feel like I am totally defined as a mom. Yes I am a mom, and I try to be the best mom I can be, but that's not all there is to me! I swear! I need to remember the things that used to get me giddy before I had kids. Like reading, I.can.not. tell you the last book I got to read! I used to be such a book worm before Raygan, then It slowly dwindled and after Remy, literally not one book has been read....many have been purchased but not read.  I used to wear more jewlery, but then it got to be a pain in the ass when I would have to take it to get fixed every week! (thank goodness the mr. got the warrenty!) I love to dance, I of course have a huge love for shopping and all things clothes. I love to decorate and plan parties. That's something I thrive on, if I could be a party planner I totally would.

Please excuse the gaint vein!!
There are a list of things that I want to learn or do, like photo shop! Holy molly I have had it for a while now and I cant find the time to learn how. Well I need to make time.

Basically Ive decided that I need to have more me time. I need to spend my time on stuff that interests me and what makes me happy. Not that my girls don't, because Lord knows that they make me the absolute happiest. I just need a balance. And its hard. Really hard trying to be the manager of the house....let alone my entire extended family. I know that if I take a couple times out of the month to do something for me, it will be better for everyone! I almost feel guilty even acknowledging the fact that I need some more me time.

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  1. You are not alone in feeling this way - this has been on my mind a LOT lately! How to find balance and be something other than MOM 100% of the time. It's hard...but acknowledging it is the start and will keep you a happy mama. That's what I'm telling myself as I bravely venture into the world of non-family babysitters!


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