Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baby Sign Language

Right before Raygan was born, I was nesting like crazy. Full blown nesting. I cant tell you how many cook books I bought in fear that I was never going to be able to cook. In that time, I came across a  baby sign language book. I had intended to teach it to Raygan....but she was crazy, a high-strung kid to say the least. So randomly I decided the other day to teach Remy "more" and she caught on so dang quickly I went to the next sign, and then the next, and the next.
I get so giddy when she does it!
"all gone/done"

   Not pictured...."thank you" & "bye bye"

Its been fun teaching her this, and Raygan gets in on it too and I show her a sign and she helps me teach Remy. To be honest I should be giving Raygan most if not all of the credit because Remy probably learns more from her big sister....girlfriend wants to do everything big sister does.

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