Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Favorites

We've been really into books lately. We always read books, but I mean we've been really reading books. Like all day long. And right now Raygans thing is Pinkalicious. Which is fitting because shes a real life pinkalicious herself. I may have mentioned before that shes a tiny bit obsessed with the color pink. It doesn't matter what it is, she wants the pink one, from suckers to clothes her response is "I want the pink one mom" Sometimes with a hint of attitude and that reminds me how fast this little girl is growing up. She likes all the books in the series and knows most of the books by heart. I also love these books, they are fun to read and full of imagination. 
We have a complete different version but I couldn't find a picture of it. I honestly credit this thing for Raygan knowing all of her shapes. We've had so much fun drawing shapes and having her tell us which shape is which.  And she traces our drawing of the shapes (or whatever it is for that mater) She loves this thing and me and daddy cant get enough of it either. 

Raygan got one of these bad boys for Christmas and both girls are obsessed. (I really need to put a video of them on here) Both of their favorite song right now is Selena Gomez Love Song Baby. We put that thing on repeat and they both go at it. We all know every single word.To be honest its been so much fun, we always listen to music in our house and we always have our little dance parties so this was the perfect gift for this family. Raygan gets way to into it as a 2 year old, I'm wondering if I need to find some Disney audition somewhere....just kidding. She sings with so much emotion and facial expressions I die! She sometimes gets embarrassed and tells me and Cameron to "go away"

Dress up. I coulnt wait for the day we started to play dress up. Oh my gosh its so much fun! Raygan loves her heels and has for a very long time now. She wakes up in the morning and the first words out of her mouth are "where are my heels mama" I dont know where she gets it, cause Im definetly not a heels girl. She walks in steletos better then I do and she always wants dresses or jeans. I try and tell her lets be comfy today and wear sweats (girlfriend has some killer sweat outfits!) and I still cant get her out of her dang dress or jeans.

Happy Day!

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