Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wrapping paper art

One of my promises this year was to spend more time with friends. You better believe its happening. We had good friends over for dinner last night, and despite Cameron's hesitation it was amazing! When I told him our friends were coming over he said he was "to tired tonight." pshhh to bad babe! Just so happens my good friend is a chef. We {she!} whipped up fried chicken, green beans with bacon, and Au gratin potatoes. scrumptious!  We had a good time, and let the kiddos play! Then we topped it off with some blizzards from DQ.  When they left Cameron even confessed he had a good time too.

We've been trapped inside the house lately due to the crappy weather. So this morning I woke up drank my coffee, and told the girlies we were going on a Target run. Its like Disneyland to Raygan, shes loves target. So she was already getting her boots on. I was set on finding the girls the girls the remaining of their outfits for their pictures this weekend! {so excited!} and I scored on a new bag that was on clearance and some cute Valentines day wrapping paper that matched Raygans room colors perfectly!

So I decided to make some art out of it....aka frame it!

So there we have it! Something new for her bookshelf!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Aww this a cute- such a cheap decoration for the holidays.

  2. This is fantastic, so easy but so awesome!


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