Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just Another Day in Paridise

Yesterday morning started unlike any other morning. Raygan came into our room and said "Olivia mamaaaa"  (which means I'm still tired in Raygans head)  I didn't even know what time it was until I got downstairs...looked at the clock, greatttt 5:30. ugh. So I turned on Olivia and cuddled with her on the couch. She fell back to sleep around 7, just in time for sister to wake up. Remy and I started our morning routine just to leave Raygan sleeping on the couch. {shes been sick the last couple days so I figured she needed her sleep}

About an hour later Cameron came downstairs and went to our lower level of the house and said "why does it smell like that!" I of course had no idea because I rarely go down there except to do laundry. So we searched the premises and came up with nothing!

About an hour after that I went to switch the laundry and hmm that's odd our clothes are still soaking wet!!! We have a very old washing machine so I turned it on spin one more time because eh maybe It was stuck! and sure thing 10 minutes later the sucker was smoking and our house smelt like burnt something!
So we unplugged our rusty washing machine and are set out to look for another one. And in the meantime I have to do laundry at my MILs house. omfg....Cameron just doesn't understand how freaking inconvenient that is!!! The girls change their clothes at least 2 times through out the day. Rems feeding herself now so shes bound to get dirty, and Raygan, shes just a girl. She thinks shes 18 I swear.

On top of our shitty morning Remy was super clingy to me all day, she split her gums open a couple days ago so shes been rough!! Ive had a couple Valentines day projects that I had started {and reallllly wanted to finish} and that obviously was put to the bottom of the list. and our tree....yeah I said it our damn Christmas tree is up!! I havent found time when the girls are asleep! Because there is no possible way I could do it when they are awake! I was busy with birthday stuff and now the girls are sick, sleep schedules are screwed up and Ive been staying up late just to finish the dishes and clean up the house. I'm exhausted.

I got Raygan to sleep at 8 {yess back on schedule} yup, she woke up at 830 moaning and then Remy started on a rampage and was hysterical, I got up to walk her around and then BAM! she threw up everywhere....Raygan gets her booty off the couch and shes the throw up....and gags. I couldn't believe that my 2 year old gaged at the site of it...then turned around walked from our the carpet and threw up everywhere. DISASTOR. Both girls crying for mama, Cameron doing what he could. Washed Raygan up, helped me out of my puked on clothes and continued to get Raygan back asleep. Needless to say, both girls were up to about 11, I wouldn't know because I feel asleep with them.

Hopefully today is a little better of a day!
Happy saturday to you!


  1. Oh man! What an awful day...hope they are feeling better and it doesn't hit mom & dad! That picture of the two of them is the SWEETEST!

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