Friday, January 13, 2012

New Years Resolutions...Late

I know Im late but Ive really been focusing on a new year. They say, "A new year, a new you" and that may be a little extreme but I like the idea of a fresh start. 2011 was a good year, but I want 2012 to be even better. Ive promised myself numerous things the last couple weeks that I plan on keeping. So here it goes.

I promise myself to learn photoshop, I own it so why the hell not really. Except that it takes time, which I lack in that department. I vowed to myself to take the time to take a class on it. Ive always loved photography so I may as well do it. I want to learn how to use it to creat birthday invitaitons and the whole thing.

I promise myself to get better with my camera...that goes along with the first one. I want to challenge myself to better photos. I see challenges all over the internet and trust me Ill start one...(after this dang birthday party)

I promise myself to create the best memories for my girls. Celebrate the little things and explore. They are young and I feel like Ive already done by best in this area. But with the girls being so young there isnt as much to do, we paint tons and now we have started some more crafts with Raygan getting older. Shes helped me bake alot lately, which I LOVE because that was some of my favorite memories with my mama. I feel like the holidays passed us up pretty darn fast and I didnt get to do every single thing I wanted to do in December. To some its no big deal, but if you know me its already on my list for next year....and it will happen. Like the christmas tree lighting in Levenworth...we will be there, bet me.

I promise myself to become a healthier person. I generally eat pretty alright, but its thoes snacks I can cut out. Not necesarilly for my weight but more for my girls..If they cant have it why should I? and that goes a long with pop. Ive really cut down cause I have to hide it when the girls are awake....aka a pain in the ass.

I promise myself to become a better cook. I get discouraged easily and with a man thats as picky as a toddler its very hard to not eat the same thing every single day haha. Pinterest has helped a lot in this department, I set him up with my account and let him pin away at the food section. haha.oh and foodgawker is a good one too!! We always have fresh fruits around and I need to become better at actually eating them.

I promise myself to get closer to buying a house. We have the money saved. We just dont have the credit, yup thats it, we dont have the credit. Its frustrating. I have some credit but the Mr. really doesnt, hes never had a credit card or anything, hes always got everything in cash, which is good in theory...he believes why get something if you cant pay for it. So thats literally one of our pain priorities this year, and hopefully be in a house in 2013.

I promise myself to get this house totally organized. I did a TON while cameron was gone a couple weeks ago, but we still have our garage and some closets in this house to do. I do my best when hes out of town, I tell him he holds me back! But I also want our bills and everything in this house have a place!

I promise myself to learn how to say no. Whenever someone needs a babysitter or anything I always say yes. Ive even cancled well baby checkups to watch other peoples kids. Which I love doing, dont get me wrong...Im just using this one as an example. I bend my back for people even if it makes it way harder on me. I guess I kind of like that about me, but some times I need to step back and just be with my girls.

I promise myself to continue this blog, I want to get more followers and do more projects. I love blogging  and its been such a great outlet for me.

 I promise myelf to getting off the phone and internet, and either blog in the am or pm. Remy dropped my phone in the toilet the other day and Im phoneless, I did the bag of rice and all. I think its been a lesson to me that Im WAY to addicted to that sucker.

I promise myself to start crocheting again, I need to. I want to.

Those are my main ones, I could go on with a million little things I want to accomplish in 2012 but thats what I want to focus on.


  1. These are great, doable goals! I can agree with most...especially the camera part. They're confusing!
    PS your girls are so precious...they look like little dolls :)

  2. That picture of your girls is adorable! Your 1-5 resolutions are pretty much the same as mine. I'm okay with photoshop but there is still so much that I want to learn. I wish there was like 1 or 2 more hours a day to get to do all the things I want to do. Oh well- a girl can dream, right?


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