Sunday, January 15, 2012

Remys 1st Birthday Party..Pictures Galore

I'm sitting here on the computer eating a delicious chimichanga from our favorite Mexican restaurant here in town while my house is a disaster, we brought the presents in from the car and sat them smack dab in the middle of the living room. The kids are asleep and for once in weeks I do not have something that needs to be done or made right away, besides the messy house. I'm exhausted. And although I can think of a million things to do right now I couldn't be happier then sitting on my butt and putting up some pictures of Remy's birthday party. The Mr. ordered me some food and set off for a buddies to watch the Packers. I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes before he left so he wouldn't think I was completely lost!

So lets take a look at Remy's Party, shall we?

It was held at my mother in laws house!

Made by the lovely sister in law.

Treat mail boxes for the kids.


Butterfly sugar cookies

Marshmallow Pops, Thanks Aunt D!

Rice Krispies on a stick

Fruit Kabobs


Plates and Napkins

Highchair with mini banner

Birthday girl
Onesie and bloomers were made by Adrienne at Sticheroos and I did the tutu

Daddy Love

Us three, Raygan wouldn't stop anything she was doing to take a picture with us!

One of my favorites of the day! She loves Auntie!
Mama and Birthday girl
Daddy and Ray Ray
Super cool new toy from Nana and papa
Sister Love
Cousin Love
Big Sister, she looks so old here :(
Another favorite auntie
Her little tush :) that picture just makes me happy
Singing happy birthday! Oh my gosh, girlfriend LOVED IT! she loved the attention, she kept bouncing and rocking in her chair. ahhh

Happy Birthday Baby!

Girlfriend did work on that cake. She was loving every second of it! And she loved everyone watching her!
She was so exhausted and didn't take a nap all day, I didn't think she was going to last through the party but sister was a trooper and didn't even make one fuss the whole time! Ive never seen a baby so happy at their birthday, it seems like they are always grumpy. The party went well and it was a lot more stress free than I anticipated.

I cant believe shes already one, I mean I'm freaking out. It kills me how much these two are growing and although I love being in front row for this show I hate how fast its going. Every day both of them do something that just blows my mind. I've cried at least once every day since Remy's actual birthday. I'm such a loser.  My girls are growing, I gotta get with it.


  1. They are adorable and the party looks so cute! It goes way too fast!

  2. Remy is so precious and so were all the details at her party! Y'all really put a lot of work into everything and made it special. Happy first birthday Remy!

  3. Aww- Happy Birthday little one. The party looked great, I love the marshmallow pops and the banner on the high chair.

  4. aww, what a precious family! happy birthday to the little one!

    your blog is lovely... i am blog-hopping, and enjoyed browsing your psots. your blog design is fantastic! great finding inspirations from other mom bloggers... and i am your newest follower. i would most definitely be honored if you decided to do the same. :) have a great day!



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