Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teething Baby

There has been a lot of this lately in our house...

Girlfriend is getting some teeth, and when I say some I mean about 4 or 5, literally her entire top row of teeth are piercing through, you can see the whites to each tooth. If seriously makes me gringe when I look at her teeth! Ive been saying for months "I can't believe she doesn't have more teeth!"  and BOOM this week has been killer. Shes in pain, shes crying, and nothing is making her happy.

Today we've been busy! We started the butterflys for the cake and made the cupcakes, we did the favors, we started the banner, and made her tutu. The girls have put up with my craziness aswell as the Mr. He plays along with me, and gets excited when Im done with her tutu or when I show him the banner, and words can not describe how much I love it :) I love doing this for my girls. And if we had a house that was big enough for a party, or one that had a pretty yard. (Landlord refuses to fix it up, or let us take it off rent..i know ugh) I would get even more into it! I cant wait till we can purchase our own home!! and honestly, partys are my biggest motivation. It will happen.

Other then that, Raygan fell in love with headbands and insisted a photo shoot with mama.

Us three with our cheeseball smiles

Remy and I with the headband

She insisted on me wearing it like this, I swear

Here she is putting it on little sister

Back to Party Doing.

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