Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday to ya. I just wanted to drop in real quick and post a couple pictures of the girls.The other day Cameron and I were getting ready for the day and it was quiet....wait a minute! He asked me where the girls were and we peeked in Remys room to this...

It was absolutly adorable I ran and grabed the camera...totally thinking I was going to miss that perfect moment. Raygan was reading a book to her little sister, and the story was completly about a little sister. We overheard Raygan saying "sissy go to the store with ray ray" and "sissy play with ray ray" and so much more. Cameron and I about died. literally. I snapped away and they continued along with their buisness.

And then they noticed me

This last one is just a random picture from the other day. We were on our way to open gym and I made Cameron snap a picture of us.

Happy Saturday

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