Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby

One year ago today our Sweet Baby girl made our little family of three into four. My oldest became a big sister and once again we were forever changed. This sweet little baby worked her way into our family perfectly. Everything is always so much more extravagant for the first baby, I remember being scared that people would favor big sister Raygan more, I know it sounds stupid for every mom thats been a mother of two or more for some time.  But at one point when Remy was a couple weeks old, she woke up in the middle of the night and I remember sobbing to her telling her I loved her more then the world and I would always and forever. It was scary, everything was so new. Our new routines, two babies waking up in the middle of the night, and one barley out of our bed a week or so before Remy was born. It worked out and me and Cameron decided that we dont sleep....we just took naps. haha

 She has developed a personality and a great one. Shes sweet, yet fiesty. A perfect combonation. She looks like her daddy and adores him greatly. Her sister is her favorite and its honestly been a blessing watching their first year together. Raygan has taught her so much now and its only been a year.

She loves her mama, and latley she has started getting a wee bit attached right as Raygan is streaming away from her attachment stage.

Shes doing big girl things. And has a wonderful appitite, except tomatoes we learned that this afternoon at her pizza birthday dinner.

She is fine without a bottle and we're taking that away shortly, although girlfriend loves her dang binki. I hate these things. She has one in her mouth and then if she sees one she insists on carrying it and perhaps falls asleep with it in her hands. Now that shes one we're going to start getting rid of the dang ruins her pretty smile :)

Remy 6 days old:

LM giberson photography

Happy Birthday Angle. We love you Remy Girl.

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