Friday, January 6, 2012

organize, organize, organize!!

Im an organizer and a list maker, although its hard to keep up on. I like to have a place for everything! This week, me and the girls took over the house and went organize crazy! we had a lot to do after these girls got extremly spoiled from christmas.

So heres Raygans closet before we did the deed.
Yup, a mess.
And After....
Now she has a special place for her dolls, dress up clothes, shoes, legos/blocks, and misc.
Im so stinkin excited about these things, although they are not so wonderful for decorating they hold a lot of crap! So I love the idea that its all hidden in her closet! I ended up being able to put most of her little toys in there (with the exception of their toys in the living room and the family room!) and was able to make room in her room for her new doll bed!

We did the same to Remys...looks the same just different color boxes! yay

Then I did a little project last night, when the girlies went to sleep.
I found the directions on a website that I cant find again for the life of me. I typed in "DIY kids art" in google and found it after doing some searching. Ive been wating to order a print similar to this but didnt want to fork out the money.

so here we go. for less then 10 dollars ....maybe even less :)

1.I found a ABC stencil and spray painted it white.
2. I went through some of my scrap fabric and cut the ones I wanted in little peices to cover the letters
3. Then I glued the fabric to the back, I didnt do the fabric in any kind of order I like the miss match organic look
4. Put it in a frame and there we go. Its in Remys room now right on her shelves!
I love it!! I think i might do this for the future babies in my life, for shower gifts

Also Raygan and I went to work on some butterfly crayons for favors for Remys party. Im so excited, I used to make crayons with my mom as a kid and raygan had a blast, she picked the colors for each butterfly.

Some pictures of the girlies
She feeds her baby dolls

Poppin her head out of the tent

Famous Pose....and her new shirt im obsessssed with. Gwen stafanis new Target line

We're gearing up for a party around here. Our sweet baby turns one in 3 days. 

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  1. What a fantastic idea with the stencils!!! I am totally stealing this!! Great job!!


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