Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things Im lovin'

Hello! Raygan came into my room this morning and said "mama, Ray rays sick" and then proceeded to throw up everywhere. lovely. Two girls sick. And Raygan has her dance performance later on today. Looks like we will most likely be skippin it.
Things Im lovin'

Remy Feeding Herself:
I strip her down to her diaper and let her at it haha, she loves her yogurt. She loves it, and not to mention it keeps her in her highchair forever cause shes so entertained. ohhh the mess....

Raygan Potty Trained:

I never thought I would see the day of having only one babies diaper to change! ahhhh shes completly done, with the exception of bedtime! And even that she hasnt had an accident I just put a pull-up on just incase :) Its so crazy cause they say kids do it on their own time....and boy did she. She is so dang stubborn she didnt want anything to do with it until recently! I tried! oh did i try! lol I give thanks to my neice lilly who stayed with us for a week and I know that kicked things into start!! Now I want to get rid of the dang potty chair and have her go in to just completly grossed out by the whole potty chair itself and voted against it....but my little angle was scared of the big toilet and so the princess potty worked.

Ive always liked coffee, just never drank it at home, I didnt think there was a point in making a pot of coffee if im the only one who drinks it. Its more like, "oh theres a starbucks....I think ill get a coffee" well Ive been wanting a Kurig for some time now and I was trying to think of ways to persuade Cameron to letting me get one. Well turns out I didnt have to because I got one for christmas from my parents! And im in love! I never realized how much I like coffee...wait a much i NEED coffee. I swear it makes me a happier mom these last couple mornings!

Bath Time:

Their love for eachother kills me, I know the teenage years will be rough with them. But they have a built in best friend.

Baking With My Girl:
Excuse all the clutter...we're still in organization mode here.

Girlfriend loves to help mama in the kitchen, and Ive been waiting for it for some time. I love how much she is willing to help, and how much fun she has with it. She pours everything in herself and then she gets to decorate. I let her make her mess and we clean up later.
heres her cupcakes.

Have a great New Year!!!


  1. they are so precious! love the bath time picture :). happy new year to y'all!

  2. Your daughters are ADORABLE! I know how you feel with the potty training though, CONGRATS! I look forward to following you!


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