Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And it was a merry christmas!

Raygan woke up around 6 on Christmas morning and took one look at all of the presents and there was no going back to sleep for her. See we decided to not even put the presents out until it was actually christmas because who knows how long they wouldve stayed wrapped! She patiently waited a little while to wake up daddy and get the show on the road!

My family came over after our christmas morning was all done and over, I made a turkey and the whole sha-bang.  (i was so scared, it was my first!) and it turned out dang good if i dont say so myself! Im not the best cook in the world so i was happy it turned out good. It was fun hosting a holiday, makes me feel old haha.

 ahhh I cant beleive christmas is done and over! Its a slight reliefe and then super sad. Like Ive said before I love me some holidays! We did our usual Target run and I ended up coming home with a bag full of dollar section Valentines day decor. The Mr. gave me a hard time thats for sure! And on top of it Remys birthday is in just a couple weeks and Im not quite done with all of that! YIKES!

We've been busy organizing the whole entire house! I rearanged the girls room and took out the changing table in Remys room. It was starting to get crazy around here with presents tucked in certain hiding spots! My garage is currently taken over by my brother so thats not an option!
Before going to Camerons dads christmas eve! we never got a family photo of all of us :(
Those smiles are what get me up every morning. awww I just love those cheekies!
Lookin just like daddy
She insisted on sitting on the coach with daddy and not in front of our dang tree!!!!
Don't ask my why I make those fake smiles..perhaps i dont like my real one?
like the gated tree?? Tacky I know, but needed, we got a crazy little one runnin around the house!

I guess she likes her new hat?

Both of them opening presents! Ray told me she wanted santa to bring her a butterfly...and I just so happend to have the wings for Remys party....only bad part was she insisted on wearing little sisters because they were PINK!
Cousin love
And last but not least! This was their big present from us! We planned on giving it to them after they had opened allll of their presents, grandparents presents and all. so we decided that the next day would be best.....until the girls were eating breakfast and all of a sudden i heard Raygan and her cousin lilly scream "A CAR" and ran out into the back yard. Genius...the mr. and my brother put it in the dumbest spot and the tarp flew off of it in the wind...see we have a sun room which means its all windows so you would think they would put it in an out of sight spot....think not. I had a big bow and everything, there was no grand entrence. I was so sad, then angry cause who would put a huge thing covered in a blue tarp right in sight!! ahhh, but it was all good ok.....I GUESSSSS!!! 
And holy cow do they love it! Thank goodness it was much warmer then usual here!

I did not want to get the pink one, I dont LOVE everything pink lol, good thing I had to girls right?
But they couldnt promise that the grey one would be here in time, and I knew that Raygan would love it more that it was pink anywho. And that indeed she does love. I see lots of cult-a-sac drivin in our future!
The end!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas with their families! I know we did! back to organizing and cleaning!!

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