Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!!

I appologize for the lack of post this last week! Cameron has been able to be home all week so we've been soaking it in! And hes held down the fort with the kids while I finished all of the last minute stuff!  ahhhh this christmas is going to be so much fun!

Ive been busy planning Remys 1st birthday! For the rest of my life Christmas is going to be even more caotic because Remys birthday is right around the corner! And I love me some birthdays!
These are her birthday invitations! I had Jennifer from Jaebirdesign design them for me! Who also did my blog.
I sent her a picture of the plate and said I wanted polka dots and a butterfly on there somewhere and
Im very happy with the result! I never do pictures on the actual invite because I send one with either the invite or the thank you card so they can keep the picture rather then the entire invite! :)

I managed to find little tiny butterfly wings at the baby section at target. From the second we (and when I say we I mean cameron, i was set on elephant theme) decided on her party being that theme I have stressed and wondered how the hell im going to find her ones for her size instead on toddler!!!! Target never fails me :)
And we also ordered toddler size wings for the little girls that will be at the party too!

We are busy around holidays! Its hard deciding when to do what with each set of parents. So we do Camerons dad on christmas eve, my parents come in the morning after we do our presents, as well as my brother and neice, and then his mom christmas evening! Im used to waking up christmas and vegging out and watching football, i grew up in a small family so this is all new still! We've even cut out a huge huge dinner with camerons side out cause we just cant keep up! It doesnt give us time to enjoy ourselves and its hard on the girls!

I hope everyone has a safe holiday! Merry christmas!!
off to making (more) cookies and doing some ornaments!

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