Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lets get back to normal!

My oh my words can not describe how happy I am to have my best friends wedding be over with! Dont get me wrong, I thrive on events, birthdays and holidays. Its what keeps me going! But babysitters every other day and appointments to attend were starting to give me a little anxiety! It was a blast! So much weight was lifted of our shoulders once we hit the dance floor! The day began at 7 am with nothing but disastor after disastor! After fighting with the MAC girls....and loosing the marriage license there was an outstanding wedding! Raygan was the flower girl and my baby is so so shy, my friend was well aware that instead of the ideal happy little girl walking down the isle droppping flowers was going to look more like me carrying my baby on my hip while clinging to my partner for balance, I was sure I was going to pull a Kortney Kardashian and trip carrying her. But you know what? she did it! she made friends with the brides little sister before and she walked down the isle, she had her sippy cup in tow and she was looking down the entire time, but she did it! I couldnt be more proud.

And as for Remy, the next day out of nowhere she ended up with a 102 shaking and shivering, after the first dose of tylonal didnt do anything we left daddy and raygan at home and headed toward the ER, after learing girlfriend had a ear infection we headed home at 130 am. I.am.tired. shes been wanting me to hold her at all times, and no one else works! I love being needed and this is my favorite part of being a mom! Hopefully this week gets happier, Im looking forward to locking myself in the house and doing lots of cuddleing!

Hanging out at the house!

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