Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloweeen here we go!

hello! Oh my gosh! okay so I know I neeeeed to get better at this blogging thing! but on my defense this house has been a complete and utter disaster! Ive basically been up to my ears in boogers and projectile vomitting! lovely right? The Mr. is also sick....dont you love how when they are sick its the and no matter what they are "way worse" then you haha. ohhhhh what a wonderful couple days!

Back to Halloween, it was so so fun this year simply because Raygan was starting to "get it." what a fun surprise for a little girl, say "trick or treat" and I get a candy? How cool is that RIGHT! We had a blast, first we met some friends and went to our local Safe street which was put on for local buisness to hand out candy! She is so so shy and she got scared by a skeleton and at that point she was over it! So we took a break and decided to shoot for some red robin before we visit the family and go around grama and papas neighborhood.
Theres miss Ray Ray as a police girl. Her and daddy picked out her outfit! Oh and thats her famous pose haha
Ray and cousin Aubree

Theres Remy in her bumble bee coustume! she WILL NOT keep hats on so bye bye to her bee hat and hello cute headband.

This one is my favorite one of hers!

She cracks me up!
I was so happy I got to pick out Remys warm outfit! she was so cute and plump in her costume haha she couldnt crawl unless we put her in the crawling position first, too cute i must say!

Remy didnt last long she pooped out on us on our drive to gramas house, so we layed her down inside and took Ray around their block, houses decked out in halloween attire and people dressed up as witches handing out candy, she loved every second of it! I gently held her hand and coaxed her into saying the magic word....which half of the time worked haha but hey shes super shy! I couldnt blame the poor kid! but as soon as she got that candy she ran straight to daddy and  said "looook daddyyy, candy!" and then instantly wanted to be perked right on his shoulders, and then on to the next house! we had so much fun!

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