Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Blog!

Hello there! I decided that I should dedicate my first blog post to introducing myself. With being knew to the blogging world I guess Ill start with saying a mother of two precious little girls, they are the reason I get up every single morning (early or not!) and my reasoning behind the blog. I love the idea of documenting their life in a clean, paperless way! My oldest daughter Raygan is a little over 2 born on 8/18/09 and she is a spitfire! She has the attitude of her dad and has the biggest heart in the world...difficult combination! She enjoys dancing and singing, litteraly her two favorite things ever!
This is her at our anual pumpkin patch with friends, picking out her pumpkin

Our second baby Remy born on 1/9/11 is about to hit the 10 month mark, shes a sweetheart, and always happy! With a smile on her face. At a whopping ten months the two sisters couldnt be anymore different. She enoys dacing along with her sister and can not wait to be a big girl!
And this is little miss Remy with our big pumpkin for the year!

Then comes Cameron, the man behind everything ! We've been together since year 2007 and he is by best friend, and "husband." The rock to our family the world could be endign and all he would have to say is "everything will be okay" and I would be fine! We are not leagally married yet, for one main reason being our lives have been going no stop since we had decided we will one day get married which was before our first was born. Although after both pregnancies and a destinational wedding in mind I want my youngest to be a little older. I feel as though some people do not take us seriously simply because there isnt a certificate proving that we are together forever and commited. I know that we are happier then a lot of married couples and we raise our girls in a stable happy home! We both are not incredibly religious people so we dont see the importance of going before a preacher simply because we chose to have babies first, now that my girls are here I couldnt imagin them not being apart of our celebration!
This is Me and Cameron last family photo shoot!
And this is all of us!
Im excited for my new blogging experience and I cant wait to paint my blank canvas full of all kinds of pretty colors! goodnight :)


  1. Ashlea, you're family is beautiful!! I really am enjoying your blog. I'm not so new to blogging, but I am trying to give it a real go again. It's encouraging to find others like myself! Keep it up!!

  2. Hi Ashlea, hey thanks for coming by and checking out my blog! Your blog is great, I love the look, it's not crammed with stuff that makes it confusing, its very clean and fresh! I looked through all your blog posts for your girls' striped walls but couldn't find a photo...maybe you could email me one? :) I'd love to see them. I am your newest loyal follower :) and excited to watch your blog grow and GROW! Big Hug, Cath from Home is Where my Heart is:


I love your sweet words!

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