Sunday, March 16, 2014

Treasure Hunting

I decided I was going to float to their boat. We had no agenda other than turning an ordinary Thursday into an awesome day. I've had a rough couple weeks with these kiddos not listening to me mixed with a little bit of screaming-I gotta work on that! So sunshine and an adventure day was what we had in store for us, thanks to a little shove from Cameron to get me going or we would have stayed home all day which I'm sure would have been fabulous too since that never happens.

We lounged around the house, allowing them to tell me when they were about ready to leave because I was floating by their boat-and by 12:45 Remys boat was still naked and Raygans was more then ready to get out of the house moving forward with our game plan we created. We stopped at one little store for a couple natural teething remedies for little Rour and then went for ice cream-because what's an amazing day without ice cream? After that we went to our favorite antique store that we haven't been to since wedding planning took over my life. Remy went right to the beloved Golden book section and picked out a couple books and Raygan found her dream (vintage) car. We walked around, My breathe was taken away by their Pyrex section as always and they love looking at all the "old" stuff. We managed to tuck ourselves in the back where the girls were occupied with old (umm a phone with a cord) phones where they played between the two of them and I was able to feed little sister quickly before moving on.

I went by their rules. If they wanted to look we looked, and if they wanted to keep going we kept on walkin, if they wanted to go home, hell we would have went home. We left with some great little treasures and headed to our next favorite spot. The bookstore with the trains-which coincidentally they didn't play with the trains at all. We sat and read books, we read every Olivia book and they managed to get me to buy one for home. I'm a sucker for books.

Our girls date was just what we needed. I had no to do list, I just let the girls lead the day.


  1. This sounds and looks like an amazing day. I agree - following their lead is often the best way to put a smile on everyone's face :)

  2. Whey a perfect day, love your blog!!

  3. This sounds like the perfect day! I'm glad you guys had such a great day together :D

  4. Ah. I've been waiting for you to expound on your IG picture! Sounds like the best day everrrr. For real. Antique shops are my guilty pleasure. One time I told Ty I wanted to walk through an antique store before we headed out of the city and I made him pull into a DI haha. He was like "DI's do not count as antique stores!" hahaha... sometimes they do. You gotta dig.

    1. and btw... did you know you are a "no-reply"?? Because I can't respond to your comments via email anymore! Fix it!! Waaaa!

  5. Awesome...just awesome. I need to do something like this. Just a day of saying yes to all their requests and marching to the beat of their little drums. I love it. What a special day!

  6. Love this! Sounds like the perfect little day!!!

  7. What a great idea - I think a lot of the time toddlers get frustrated because they are always being told what to do. I'm with you on the yelling/not listening I need to chill out. They know how to make me crazy!! Great post and glad you girls got out for a fun day ;-)


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