Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some thoughts

I've been reading way to much about GMOs therefore I'm turning into a label snob. I'm disgusted, outraged and annoyed by the entire subject so until further ado this family is steering towards the organic isles and purchasing produce organically or locally. I'm trying. I know there's no way to eliminate all of it because some days I just want a damn Oreo and on the others the kiddos will only eat chicken nuggets. We have no tader joes or whole foods so that doesn't help the mater, but Yokes has been calling our names and making dents in my mans wallet that's for sure. I thought he was going to DIE when he saw the price of milk I was trying to switch us too-and this is why he usually never makes it to the grocery store with me.

I'm dying for spring. Ok I said it. As much as I despise summer in these parts I'll go for spring now. I just need to find some awesome head wraps and such and I'll be set, I've became so accustomed to hats on my head or scarfs around my neck Im not sure how Ill survive throughout summer without.

I'm as ready as ever to start school. I've chosen university of Phoenix for one main fact: I'm a mom. I just can't GO to school right now, not happening. We are just waiting for some more paperwork (of course) and I'll be ready-after I buy my share of new pretty pens and office supplies. Nothing gets this girl more excited.

We are planning our summer and I cant help but be SO thankful that I don't have a wedding at the end of the summer. I tried so hard to not let it take up all of my summer last year, but it was a wedding and it did. This summer is going to be epic, full of memories that don't include wedding planning. zoo trips being scheduled and camp grounds are being scouted!

Me and Raygan have been going at it. WHAT IS WITH FOUR. Anyone out there with a five year old willing to tell me it passes? The worst part about it....is I look at her, and its me. ME. I was a little brat just like that to my mama and now I know the hell I put her through (sorry mama!) Shes my little buddy my best friend, but these last couple weeks have been full of endless screaming tantrums that result in her being sent to her room. Im trying to keep my cool, remembering to breathe, but girlfriend KNOWS how to push my buttons. I've been terrified approaching her in fear of a meltdown...in all subject areas really. I know its a phase and it will pass, but COME on little lady.



  1. The studies on GMO's are appalling!! We have made the switch for most foods and only drink non fluorinated water not easy or cheap for a family of 8... Azure Standard is a great resource for organic food. For the milk find someone in your area that offers milk, because of the laws you have to "lease" part of the herd but the price is so much cheaper then purchasing the milk elsewhere. Making as much as you can is the cheapest way to go, but pretty time consuming. Good luck on your journey!!

  2. ooooooooooooooh I here you!!! I have recently started eliminating processed foods...I am not going to go crazy and not allow my kids to not have a cupcake but i feel like if I can get rid of most processed foods the other in moderation is ok. Seriously it is scary that some of those items are literally banned in other countries but they are still in our food! I mean I make my own own bread and it is good for about 3 days...I buy a loaf and it can sit in my pantry for weeks and be fine....scary!

    and yes...it does pass...5 has been a great year with both my older kiddos...now my youngest...she is two and I swear I am raising the next Evil Knievel...oh my goodness...that girl is giving me grey hair!!! Good thing she is extra cute...lol...


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