Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fingers crossed

We're packers fans truly, Green and yellow has my husband heart. But, being washington state bread it goes without saying we are Seahawks fans aswell. We never miss a game and have been cheering along with every #12thman and #12thwomen this year, along with years passed. 

It's radiating. I can only imagine what the city of Seattle feels like. The parties, and shenanigans going on this weekend are going to be insane and those there are lucky to be apart of it. 

It's heartwarming. All of the "do good" stories that have stemmed throughout this season. The amazing things all of the hawks players and their coach have done for their fans would bring you to tears. 

It's connecting. I live three hours south of Seattle and you cannot leave the house without seeing a sea of blue and green. It's amazing literally. People are walking around wearing hundred dollar jerseys like it's nothing . Flags are waving, and windows are painted. On the way to the grocery store today and saw a truck driving with a giant Seahawks flag flowing in the back. we drove behind him noticing all of the people walking on the side walk shaking their fits at the truck, or hooting and hollering in encouragement. Starbucks is offering free drinks for those wearing hawks gear and so is Dutch brothers. 

I can't get over it. It's amazing. That's the only word I can even scrounge up. It's bringing our communities together and we're rooting so hard for them! 

I'm crossing my fingers. 

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  1. Whoo Hoo - congrats to your team!! I'm sure your state is going bonkers today!! So exciting!!

    I was, however, rooting for Denver, just because that seemed to be the mass vote at our Super Bowl Party (I couldn't have cared less either way..haha)

    Aaaaaaaaaaaannd...I'm really just going to disregard that comment about being a Packer fan. You don't really mean that, right? *wink #MNVIKINGSALLTHEWAY

  2. Woooo hooooo! Yay Hawks! I work 5 blocks from tomorrow's parade route,definitely going to check it out!


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