Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Love

So far today I've accomplished unloading the dishwasher followed by reloading of the dishes. Im so relieved that today is martin luther king day. This weekend was so beyond exhausting that an extra day to catch up, and quite honestly to lay around with my babies and do nothing. Cameron had some work to do so we are snuggled up downstairs with Disney jr on.

Like I said Im tired, and so so drained. Friday was great. It started off with hunting down the last of Remys party goodies and decorations. Later that day my mom came into town to bake with me and hang with the kids so I could get a little bit of decorating done. Which helped me a ton. And by 6 o'clock. 6 you ask? I was sitting with three of some of my best girlfriends sipping down a yummy pomegranate mango sangria and waiting on some seriously good food. It was my first little mamas night out since having little Rour and it was perfect timing. I felt guilty leaving the kids with Cameron, however he was a champion, he even told me I looked nice and to get whatever I wanted. Oh how I felt so grown up. I left with three girls on the couch, pizza on paper plates on the floor with a movie on for all of them. I came home to a unbuttoned onesie that was being worn by a screaming baby that would not take her bottle. The big girls were playing with their playhouse insisting they were good. I was told all was well until the last 10 minutes where she would not eat, and finally wanted mama. The two and a half hours away were needed and so appreciated.

Saturday I woke up early for prepping a little girls Tinkerbell pixie hallow birthday party. More on that later, but it went well, and she enjoyed her day. And this mama is glad its over.

Sunday was a good family day, ending with the Seahawks going to the Superbowl! GO SEATTLE!

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  1. BOOOO SEAHAWKS!!! But now that they're playing against Denver, I have no choice but to root for them.... #ninersforlife!


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