Monday, January 27, 2014

Its due time, a little bucket list

Way back when I had my own little thing going on, on my own little blog. I called it my Monday Mini Bucket List.  I sorta kinda got the idea from reading The Happiness Project. I wanted to challenge myself to activities, projects, interests, anything that wasn't a normal "chore" I would put things like "wear earrings" simply because at that time I had fallen out of the habit of wearing jewelry because I had two little ones pulling and tugging on something at all times. I feel like I need to do that again. That Im somewhat stuck in a funk from the daily grind.
the target sticker...haha

Im not complaining, and Im not going to sit here and explain all of the reasons I love being a mom just to show you that I love my kids and to hear myself say it. (or type it) because Im pretty sure you all know how obsessed I am with them and how much I love being a mama.

But right now, I smell of breast milk and spit up, and my four year old is upstairs screaming we need to go to Target to get her the same writing tablet Remy has. The very one that I most certainly assure you she has around here somewhere. Annnddddd I've been living in leggings for days. Days I tell you, with a side of top knot to tip it off. So its time, time to kick of a new challenge for myself.

1. Start a new book

2.  Write in the girls journals 

3. Valentines Day craft with my gals

4. My own craft

5. Try a new recipe-on my own 


  1. Such a good idea..sometimes you just need to 'write it down' to follow through. ;)

  2. Love this!!!! You look great, Mama. As beautiful as ever!

  3. I love this too! I need to do this. AND, yes the leggings. That is the norm around here. Top knot too!


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