Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In the quiet

This morning I sat holding my sweet baby In the dark. It was peaceful and comforting and even though I knew she would stay asleep, I wasn't about to put her down. With everyone else asleep in the house and my phone dead our snuggles were not interrupted.

I sat nestling her small little body that after two whole months seems so cushion-y and at a whopping 9.12 lbs is already too big for this mamas heart. Knowing (well shall we say thinking) she will be my last gives me the urge to hold her back and keep her littleness swaddled in a blanket forever. My little keepsake. My baby.

She's the perfect ending, and the best caboose we could have. She's pure and fragile, and every time I look at her I know that we are the lucky ones and I hope, just hope she kinda likes us too.


  1. Sometimes those simple moments are the best. Soak it all up mama!

  2. This is such a sweet post! Cherish these moments :)

  3. I'd give anything to snuggle that sweet babe of yours. Those eyes are going to break some hearts some day! ;)

    Cherish those sweet quiet moments with her.

  4. Very precious. Our babies are growing too fast. Wah!
    (I had little tears running down my cheaks as I read this). ♥

  5. Such a sweet post! She is such a doll! All three of your babies are!

  6. Hello Ashlea!

    You have such a beautiful family :* :* :*

    Roxie T


I love your sweet words!

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