Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whats up!

So far I've learned that every pregnancy is different. You hear people say "oh this ones totally different so I think I'm having a -insert opposite gender here-" we'll bullshit. Complete bologna. I was positive that Raygan was a girl with blue eyes, and I was right, with Remy I was tricked into thinking she was a boy, and this time around, I refused to let myself "think" what it was in fear of getting my hopes up-not like it matters. 

-How in feeling-
So three little girls. Here we go, I'm throwing up every couple days which throws me off, but then I'm totally fine after the fact. I can still eat damn near an entire watermelon in one sitting, well not exactly but I'm pretty sure my house hasn't gone a day without a watermelon around here in weeks. Other than that, no crazy cravings. 

-What the girls think of a baby girl-
Naturally I wanted to tell them some cool fancy exciting way, but in true Ashlea fashion I couldn't wait and I spit it out seconds after we walked through the door. I was so scared that Raygan wasn't going to be happy-and well girlfriend kind of isn't  she's okay with the idea of it, and says we can have a boy next time (pshhhh) and those two can share rooms like her and Remy do. Remy is so happy and loves this baby already, all she cares about is that mama has "onnnneee baby" with one finger pointed. 

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  1. haha..Everyone (but me) was convinced my first was a BOY..even random strangers walking in the store would ask what I was having and when I said I was going to be surprised, they'd say "Oh, it's definitely a boy, you look like you're carrying a boy"...ect. I was happy they were all wrong when my little GIRL arrived!! :)

  2. You're so right. I knew my first was a girl before I even was sure I was pregnant. I just woke up one morning and was like "It's a girl", and then I was like "Oh, I need to take a pregnancy test!" And sure enough, I was pregnant, and she is a girl.
    With the second, I had NO feelings whatsoever. None. So I just assumed it was a boy. Because if it were a girl, I'd KNOW, right? Poor kid, I've said ever since that she's going to end up with identity issues because we called her Wyatt right up until my 20 wk ultrasound! I had to re-teach my 2yr old the baby's name. LOL
    Congrats, girls are great! As you know! We stopped at two though!

  3. lol... I just had this conversation with a friend yesterday, I think it's so weird what people will say about your unborn baby based on your cravings or how your belly looks.

  4. :) My pregnancies have been very different and well you know a boy the first round and a girl this round. I really, truly think Lilli is trying to kill me. LOL. My family gives me a hard time...they say it is just a "girl thing...just wait." GREeeeeeeAT! :) Eventhough, my sister and I were good babies and kids, I'm still a little scared because of this pregnancy. Daven was perfect in the womb...and a good, precious ALL BOY now. Lilli, well she started showing her ass around 5 weeks into the pregnancy and has not stopped yet. Bahahah...we shall see. I will have grey hair before I'm 35 probably!

    And, yes I want to button swap! You're already in my sidebar! ♥


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