Monday, July 22, 2013

Multnomah Falls

We don't call ourselves die hards for nothing. We left a little too late and probably didn't plan as well as we should have but we had a blast and got one more thing crossed off our summer bucket list. 
If there was one photo to describe these kids...this would be the one. 

Raygan had to stop and look at the map for directions of course. 
the bridge walking into the falls

I've been dying to take my kids here. Every time we drive by the falls on our way home from a trip the girls are asleep, which means that their sleeping is too fabulous for us to stop. This place is so perfect, and beautiful. I have so many memories here with my family and I guarantee you my mama still has some of the cool trinket boxes I used to collect on our trips there. 

no shame.

It's been years. Since before the girls, neither have been there so obviously I thought it was the appropriate time to take them. Their easy and so fun right now. These two love the little things in life and in turn they have taught me to appreciate all things little. It's amazing actually.

The sight of the falls out them in amazement which makes this mamas heart flutter. It was overwhelming at first with the buses of tourists and hundreds of people getting off, while we were busy herding our little ones to stay together. A lot like schlepping as Kelle would say. Yep we definitely schlepped our way through this adventure. 
Clearly not thrilled about posing in front of the sign.



The kids were pure perfection, the girls received their first ice cream 'cone' instead of ice cream in a bowl-holy big deal over here. We checked out the falls and snacked on some fries, then headed out for the scenic route, which in my opinion is almost better then the actual attraction itself. We let the kids play forever. Get wet? That okay we have a extra dress in the car, dirty? No big deal, we have baby wipes. Seriously it was the easiest best day ever. 


  1. Beautiful day, beautiful girls - hooray for a fun time!

  2. Great pictures. My husband and I visited the falls about 6 years ago on a trip out west to visit some family. We had a fantastic time.

  3. Cute! It looks like a beautiful place:)

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! It looks goregous too!

  5. You captured some really amazing photos! Looks like a really beautiful place; glad you guys had fun!

  6. How fun! You got some great pictures, friend! Such beautiful kids and you're gorgeous!!

  7. How fun! Great pictures! I will definitely have to put that place on my bucket list!


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