Monday, July 8, 2013

My Biggest Weakness.

My biggest weakness. 

Naturally I can come up with a ton, weather it's my love for little girl swimsuits or my lack of patience, I have a laundry list of weaknesses. Although, my the biggest one of them all- and the one that also happens to bite me in the ass the most is the fact that I can't say no. 

'Yes'  is my default. 

Oh, you want me to watch your kids "yes" even if I have errands to run and groceries to get "yes"

Oh, your having a birthday party the same day we have a wedding to attend..."we'll be there" cranky sweaty kids in tow. 

Oh sure we'll schedule a play date today....even if I'm tired as hell and the girls schedule is way off...."yes"

I've changed doctors appointments and have over scheduled myself plenty of times, then I get frustrated and really pissed at myself. I like to be the best wife, mama, and friend I can be and I do get overwhelmed and frustrated.
Its my trick of the trade I suppose. 

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  1. I am the same way - ugh! I wanna do it all, but have to learn to say 'no' more often.

  2. I learned how to say no a few years back. I have never felt so much freedom. I hope you can start small and say no to little things because it really will help make you a better friend, mom, and wife. My weakness is my mouth....I often speak before I think. It's been a lifelong battle with this mouth of mine! :) Thank you for sharing so honestly.

  3. Hi Ashlea, following your link from Mom's Monday Mingle.

    You and I are opposites; my default answer is usually "no". Especially when it comes to babysitting. I have been raising kids for almost 37 years (nine altogether with 3 still at home), so when someone asks me to babysit, I feel I'm justified in saying no.

    Time is one of our most precious resources, so practice saying no and you'll realize that it's okay, and you'll still be a great person--you'll just have more time to enjoy it. :)

    But before you start saying "no" to everyone, I'd like to ask you a favor; can you go to my FB fan page and "like" it? (lol)

  4. Saying No, is never easy. I think I am in the queen of giving in- and It sure gets stressful sometimes! I just hate to disappoint people at the sake of my own sanity.I hear ya... it's not easy.

  5. I have the same weakness, it's so hard to say no!!

  6. I know what you mean... I'm the same BUT I think if you work on scheduling better, it makes it easier to say no. Like if I already have another commitment, I'm not afraid to say no . Once you have kids, it's harder to commit to more than one thing in a day and hopefully the people you say no to are understanding of that.

  7. Hi Ashlea! I have this same problem!! I say "yes" to everything and always over commit myself. Thanks for sharing about yourself. I'm your newest bloglovin follower and would love a follow back at
    Have a great day,

  8. I just found you from Moms Mingle, and now I am following you. And I know how tough it is to say no. As a blogger, I never want to say no when it comes to reviewing a book or a product. And then I feel like I am running with my head chopped off1

  9. YES! lol i hear you ... i have been dealing with my servants heart lately and not so much serving others but saying yes and then having a bad attitude... yikes. i either need to say no or say yes and be cheerful... ugh.

  10. That is tough! It is so hard to say no, but even harder to run yourself ragged. Good luck!


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