Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Suprise For the Girls

We surprised the girls with a trip to Seattle. My brother has been in town so he wanted to make it a priority that we took all the girls to the zoo. So we did. We soaked all of Seattle that we could within a two day period....with three kids. 
It was fabulous, and we were able to cross a couple things off our family bucket list. 

Car Shenanigans. 

After we checked into the hotel we walked down to a park a couple blocks down. It had a ton to offer, carnival rides, ice cream trucks, and a beach. The absolute best. 

Remy's first carnival ride ever. 

The boys went out with my brothers best friend that lives near Seattle that night, and I enjoyed a quiet night in the hotel, because three littles passed the heck out in a quickness. 

We set out the next morning to see the city and of course making a quick stop at Pikes Place Market...always.


Seattle always has, and will forever have my heart. I can not wait till our lives can be there. We love this city for all that it is.  I love taking my girls there because of the memories I have as a child, and the new ones that me and Cameron have created. This is our city. Our go to city.

Stealing flowers off of the pier.

The Zoo was clearly a hit, I love the aww and amazement in their eyes. Totally worth the temper tantrums and the "you will not be going to the zoo" threats that occurred prior. 


Raygans favorite animals of the zoo was the zebra and the elephants because the elephant played with the ball with his nose...
And Remys favorite was the monkeys and the birds. 

Remy ended up falling asleep on me, and then Raygan fell asleep on me on the way out to the car. yup glorious. 


  1. So much fun!! What a fun little get-away for your family! I love Seattle...and Pikes Place Market!!

  2. The look on your husband's face holding the little one in that one photo where he looks so amused and unsure is just priceless. :-)

  3. definitely sounds like a fun trip for them. Remy's 1st carnival ride pic. is SO cute!

  4. great pictures! seattle is awesome. i wouldn't want to live downtown though. west seattle is just perfect for me!

  5. So much fun! I've always wanted to go there!!


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