Thursday, June 27, 2013

'The Boy in You'

Okay, so we  don't find out the gender of this baby for let's see-nearly more weeks. With both girls we were able to find out around 17 going on 18 weeks. So We found out about right now. Insurance is so much more strict, 20 weeks on the dot is when my appointment is scheduled. Literally on the dot. 

I'm obviously looking forward to it and dying for a little boy whereas Cameron only wants a boy 'for you' meaning me! He would be happy as a clown with one more sweet girl, and I get it! I would too if I was him, they adore him and are completely obsessed with him. Literally we'll go out to eat and it's them three in a booth sitting across from me! How sad huh! 

Everyone is just so sure that it is a little boy, clearly everyone will be happy either way but yes, every time I say I want watermelon, or jimmy johns, or right after I throw up they say 'its the boy in you' Cameron says it too and he's pretty sure he thinks it's a boy-we shall see. I don't even want to think of it too hard in fear that ill jinx it. (I'm so dumb) I think I've only had one person tell me that it's going to be a girl. One! Raygan totally swears its a boy and if
I'm believing anyone I'm believing my near 4 year old. 

We've had a boy name in mind for quite sometime, I'm pretty sure that's how I even convinced him to want a third child (half way kidding) and we love it and everyone hate hate hates it. Bwahahah. On the same thought we have a couple girls names also. 

I'm re arranging things in my mind and looking forward to getting started someday. We have a lot of changes going on around here, and I'm sure Ill put it off until after the wedding and Ill be stressing just like I did with Remy! But who Knows, I'm a hell of a lot more go with the flow these days!


  1. I am also pregnant with the third child - I am now 21 week and last week we found out that the two of our girls will have a baby brother. It's funny how we couldn't think of a name for a girl, and it turned out to be a boy, for whom we already have a name ...

    Stay well....

  2. Eeeevveryone thought I was going to have a boy with my first and she is clearly NOT a boy! haha You just never know for 'sure' until they are born! I'm anxious to hear your 'boy' name, tho!

  3. I'm rooting for a boy for you!! As a boy mom, I can attest that they are amazing! The bond between a Mother and her Son is incredible. But, of course, if you are having a girl, how fun would that be for your other little's to have another sister?! Can't wait for you to find out!

  4. I think it's a boy :) I definitely want a little boy next, but I of course wouldn't mind either way! So excited for you and so excited to find out if that little peanut is a boy or a girl!

  5. well first...congrats!!!! fingers crossed for a boy ... your right boys do lover there mamas...they are 10 times more destructive

    can't wait to hear!!

  6. Kudos to those that can actually wait until they give birth to find out the sex, but I'm with you - I wanted to know ASAP!

  7. Aw, congrats hunny! That is so exciting!

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic


  8. I want you to have a boy too! They are very fun, adorable human beings! However, with Daven -he is all about his Daddy 24/7. They say "boys are Mama's boys" well, not our son. I say Lilli will be just him and be all about Michael. :( So, i totally understand the resturant deal. I just tell myself that it's because I am with Daven all day long and his Daddy is not, but that is so probably not it.

    A lot of folks in our family did not like Lillian's name when we announced it. Oh well, I do not care! That's her name! :)

    And, you are so right about insurance. BLAH! Ours drives me crazy. I know it is better than none, but it is so annoying because this is our last pregnancy unless God has something else in mind for us. We had to pay out of pocket for Lilli's gender u/s. We paid $70 for 30 minutes of viewing time to find out 4 weeks early! I was disappointed after we did it. We so could of waited 4 more weeks and saved the money!

    Again I am so happy for your family! This baby will be so adorable, like your girls!

  9. Ahhh the waiting to find out the gender. I wanted to have a girl first so that way we can try again later for the boy. I knew if we had a boy first my husband would probably only want one child. Haha.

    :-) Either way your baby will be part of a beautiful family!


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