Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List

I love lists of all shape and forms, its the way I live my life. Paper and pen, I wish I could go all electronic and make the switch but I just cant do it. I regret it mostly when I loose my grocery list yet I have my iPhone tucked safely in my pocket. Yup that's when I realize it. 

Once again we are set out to make the most of this crazy yet memorable summer we are making our way into and I've created another list. I'm happy with it, and I may even end up adding to it. 

Feed ducks.
Go camping. Lots.
See the ocean. 
Photo shoot of the girls.
Go on a dessert date.
Be tourists in our town.
Play dress up with my girls.
Make a pie.
Go to the zoo.
Park hop.
Baseball game pro and local.
Make fresh lemonade.

Make Salsa
Picnic at the park.
Family movie outing.
Pick cherries.
Walk through a flower garden.
Go to a drive in movie.
Make Popsicles & ice cream.
Visit a water park.
Get married. 
Picnic at Multinoma falls. 
Farmers Market.
Get ice cream from Ice cream truck.


  1. This is such a great list. :) I need to post my list before summer is over. I've already crossed some things off, but would like to share them anyways.

  2. "be tourist in our town".... I love that one!

  3. The dessert date sounds like so much fun! Great list!

    The Tiny Heart


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