Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Deets


I never thought it would be hard to keep this little secret away from my little blog. But it's been soooo hard. So unbelievably hard. I thought I'd be able to carry on with my random posts like normal but it's been so hard to not say, we're expecting baby number 3. It's been even more hard in real life. Until I told my mom I avoided calling her every am (like I always do) and every time I would see my sister in law or mother in law I couldn't look them in the eye. It was awful, I would  talk less and my mother in law even called Cameron to see why I was "sad." I'm not sad!! I just had news and I'm Terrible at hiding things. 

We've always waited awhile to tell people. With Raygan is was more the fact that I was apprehensive because we were young, Remy We didn't find out ourselves until I was nearly 3.5 months because I continued having my period and nothing was very different...until I fainted. With this sweet baby, Cameron had wanted to try and wait until his sister had her baby...we didn't want to rain on anyone's parade. But we (or should I say Raygan) ended up spilling the beans at our Mothers Day Brunch. Which was a good thing because my belly was already protruding and I don't know how much longer it'd last.

Now I can share little things I've been wanting to badly to share. Things like...
-we had to stop three times in the beautiful redwoods so I could throw up. 

-These girls are already obsessed with the fact that they will get a 'little brother' I remind them that we don't know yet, and Raygan replies "I hope so, real bad, we already have girls."

-We've been to one social gathering since finding out in which Cameron told me "you can go grab a beer" three times and I only replied by pointing at my stomach. silly boy.

-I want watermelon like no body's business, while I'm the only one in the house that eats it that's totally okay because Ill eat the whole thing.

-I'm finally not dozing off mid way through the day, and our house isn't totally a disaster zone, oh! And I actually don't mind cooking again. Thank you Cameron for putting up with me!

-The fact that I will be nearly 7 months on my wedding day. We are a far stretch from traditional that's for sure. 

This year is going to trump the rest. Our wedding is in September and this baby is due in November, right after thanksgiving and right before Christmas.

We are so unbelievably excited and we're obviously eager to see if this little baby is a boy or girl


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  2. Congratulations Ashlea! Baby news is always the best kind of news :)

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer
    Jenn's Random Scraps

  3. You look so adorable! Congrats on number 3!!!

  4. You look gorgeous!! Congrats, lady!

  5. So exciting, Congrats again! I was wondering how far along you would be on your wedding day... 7 months! Did you already pick a dress or are you waiting till it gets closer?

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  7. ^^^^ What's up with the spam?! I had two on annyoing!!!

    Anyway, super exciting--
    Congrats again and again!

    Go buy yourself a watermelon!


  8. Love the pic, and congratulations again! Glad you finally got to share your big news!

  9. Congratulations again, Lady! You look fantastic at 16 weeks! So cute!

  10. Congratulations! I would never be able to wait that long.
    I ate so much watermelon when I was pregnant. It was insane.


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  12. I was watermelon obsessed during my pregnancy with B! Couldn't. get. enough.
    Love that you'll be 7 months along on your wedding day. Sometime very romantic about a grown family tying the knot together - I think it's beautiful.

  13. You look great! So exciting!!!! Congrats :)

  14. You totally popped into my head the other night and all I could think was that you were having a boy :-)

  15. Congratulations! I hope Raygan gets her brother;)


  16. Congrats!! Hope it's a little boy! :)

  17. ooohhhwhat great news!!! congrats!

  18. Congrats!! :) Watermelon is my pregnancy craving too, I seriously only want to eat that.

  19. Oh man, I must have missed the announcement post. Going back to stalk now. Congratulations, that is so so exciting!


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