Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Swap!

I had so much fun joinging this swap! I loved getting to know Katie!Thats the fun thing about blogging is you get to meet people from all over the world, and if your lucky you may have something in common with me and Kaite for example. We got to know eachother real well, and ended up having a ton in common!

She did me good! We both sent flower pots, and they both broke! It had FRIGILE all over the dang box and when mine arrived on my doorstep Cameron was a half a second away from calling FedEx because it literally looked like someone kicked it! Sweet guy: I had to inform him theres simply nothing we can do. There was a huge gabing whole with those adorable doilies falling out! Im surprised more wasnt damaged! What do you do!
I loved the doilies telling me to "treat myself with a mani/pedi" and Im totally about to do that! I had to fight my girls off that candy and I already have that candle burning! OH! and Im in serious need of a new book! I've been on a book hiatus for the last couple weeks.
I've had a rough couple days around here and I truly appologize for not getting this post up faster! Thanks Katie! Im so glad we had the chance to meet and I hope we can continue our blog friendship! :) 


  1. What a fun idea! Looks like you got some great loot, too :)

  2. How cute!! That is such a fun idea!
    Blogging really is so cool ha.

  3. Oh my gosh, love me some Brad Meltzer EVERYTHING ha

  4. awwww fun! i love getting any snail mail:)


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