Saturday, April 6, 2013

Never Have I Ever

I saw this link up and thought it was so fun, I'm always down for the 'get to know you' posts and this girl is super super nice and I just love her blog!

....baked a pie. Im looking forward to putting that on my summer bucket list.

....known how to French braid. Yes, mom of two girls.

....been to Hawaii hoping to change that soon

....played poker. I have no clue how to even start.

....watched the wizard of oz. I know right?
....been a lover of lemon. Just not my thang.

....watched an entire episode if Dora. I have an unbelievable way of tuning it out.

....let my girls cry themselves to sleep. Just can't do it.

....been to Connecticut, but I dream of living there.


  1. Hahaha Oh my gosh girl!!! I love this link up. I can remember us playing this game years ago in your parents garage and there being drinking involved!!! You and Cam should plan a trip to Connecticut!

  2. OMG fk Dora. For some reason my little boy just loves her & Diego... FML.
    And the crying to sleep thing, I can't do it either. Hurts my heart.

    Let's button swap!!


  3. I really can't believe you've never seen the Wizard of Oz. You are the second person this week I've heard that from. It's a classic!! :)
    And count yourself lucky for missing out on Dora. My daughter was fanatical about that show..."Swiper no swiping... Ah man!" Not a fan!

    Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

  4. I can't french braid for the love of God either!!! GAH!!

  5. I can't french braid either! Always wanted to learn. And I'm dying to go to Hawaii brother's stationed in the army there so we have the perfect excuse to go, just need to make it happen. You should totally come visit Houston and we'll bake a pie together :) chocolate or cherry, please!

  6. so love this post idea, may do this today for my blog. Pies are fun, I did my first one last summer. Let me know if you would like my crust recipe.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  7. I will teach you to french braid and how to do fish tail braids!! So easy!

  8. What a fun post. mmmm... I LOVE pie, I hope you make one. You should google tutorials for braiding, that's how I learned to do a fishtail.

  9. I love learning more about you!!!

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