Monday, April 29, 2013

My life be like oooo-awww

another song for my title. can't stop, wont stop.
1. People watching at the park-our fav.
2. We went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse which we self proclaimed our last time for weeks-until my parents took us out the following night after Raygans tball game. The girls snuggle in next to daddy and I'm a loan ranger on the other side of the booth.
3. Donut date with my loves.
4. adjusting her shades. too cool.
FAMILY GROOMING DAY!! or so I called it.
(except myself-because my hair requires hourrs)
got their hair cut, by Cameron's sister-its always better having "auntie" doing their hair. It was Remys first REAL hair cut, her previous one was more like cutting a few straggles off the back. This time girlfriend got bangs. I'm not a bang lover, but in this case I so am. Then we ate ate burger king where me and Raygan supported our awesome crowns.

My niece came to visit. This makes my heart happy.
A favorite outfit, and my RED hair.
I love my hair. I needed a change, a drastic one. I thrive on change and it was definitely time. (luckily my sister in law is my hair do-er so I can experiment!) I'm so excited about it! Ive always had a little red in my hair, but not so much actually RED hair.
Raygan LOVES it, Remy says I have paint in my hair, and Cameron says it's purple....tell me that picture looks purple, I think not!
happy monday to you!


  1. Haha we're having a family grooming day on Thursday! Myla & Tay need hair cuts and me a color :) lol


  2. Looks like a fun weekend! Love the pics! Your hair looks pretty and yeah more red than purple.. I don't see purple ha!

  3. lol... purple, yeah... it's so purple :) I'm actually super jealous of your Red hair, I LOVE red hair and secretly (ok, not so secretly) wish I was a natural red head.

  4. Haha family grooming day! Love it and the red hair.

  5. I LOVE the hair. It looks soo good! I can't wait to see it in person. Also that outfit is freakin caauute. I like the green jacket. I also looveee lily's hair!!! So pretty. I am a big fan of bangs and Rem looks awesome sporting them! Play date friday?!?!

  6. These pictures are fabulous! And your hair looks amazing!


  7. Your hair looks SO good! LOVE it!


I love your sweet words!

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