Thursday, April 25, 2013

Linvin's Easy

The title of this post was most definitely influenced by this song in which I'm now currently bopping my head to in my own little mind.

Anywho, that sounds up my life as of yet, it's becoming so damn easy. This whole mom thing, or mom of two thing whichever! I can breathe a little bit slower, along with the slowing down of the heartbeat. We can eat in public now (we have practiced that a little too often lately) instead of ordering to go every.single.time.
I can bring them both to movies without having a heart attack, and take showers with them both awake in the house and no one else there to watch them (trust me that's huge, and that I've only practiced a couple times!) I may or may not make them sit in the bathroom with me and bang instruments, not that soothing, but definitely a piece of mind for me because a kidnapper would come when I'm in the shower of course.

I can leave the house without a diaper bag, or anything!  Nada-that's glorious! I mean I still have a purse full of crap but ya know what I mean, no diapers blah blah blah.

They are fun and witty and I like being with them. Genuinely like too, Who would've thought? They are little people, my people.


There's still tantrums and fighting. THE FIGHTING. dear lord the fighting-I had no idea little girls could duke it out so hard, literally hard. They smack, they kick, they roll. But their sisters and I suppose that's what they'll do and nonetheless I'm loving this time. They are little and still need me but oh so much fun.

I envision our summer full of effortless walks to the park and countless picnicking with friends-we'll be able to do more, and I feel as though Ill stress less.
Ill make a mental note now to look back on this post after a giant meltdown at the splash park and laugh at my 'oh so effortless' thoughts.



  1. Hahahah I just busted up laughing picturing them "going at it!" Gotta love sisters...

  2. Oh this give me HOPE! Haha! Seriously, I keep wondering, "When does it get easier with two so close together in age?" Each phase presents different challenges. I'm ready for some easy peasy, and soon!

  3. lol.. the shower thing, I'm the same way. And I remember that feeling of not needing a diaper bag, the best.

  4. Hahaha oh my gosh!! I am SO happy to read this post. You are such a good Mom Ash and I pick the Mom of two!!!! Member that day when we were sitting at my parents house talking about how different it would be with two and you were literally about to have Rem any second. I am so happy that you get to be the mother of two smart beautiful girls and I am so glad that they have each other. Love you girlfriend.
    PS. Let's see the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I SO look forward to this phase of life :) and thanks for being an example of a HAPPY mom! I feel like there are way too many people whining and complaining about kids.

  6. i'm just about to have my first baby, but the idea of 2 already kinda scares me. this post makes me feel better though :)


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