Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Inner Hipster

Cameron and I have discussed 'fashion glasses' on numerous occasions! I've been wanting them, and he still thinks its silly. I asked him if he'd make fun of me for wearing glasses for fashion purposes only-to release my inner hipster and he responded "of course" I point out the 'cool' girls walking through the mall and insist that I really really need a pair, and he continues to think I'm crazy. Boys, they'll just never know!

When my first pair of fashion glasses arrived in the mail I was so excited to show him.
Boo-ya. That's pretty much how I acted when I showed him, and ya know what? He went for it, he likes them, as do I.
Note to self: Next Time I attempt any self photo-
Take the binkie out of my back pocket

I've been blessed with not only blue eyes, but good working eyes at that. So I was so excited to hear that firmoo offered glasses with no rx. They have tons of styles to choose from and all with great reasonable prices. I love love the larger frame and opted for this great style.

Most importantly they have this amazing program called First Pair Free, for new customers. Everyone qualifies for 1.50 index single vision lenses, and is only required to pay the shipping. They have tons of styles trendy and great prices. I hope you all go check out Firmoo for your next pair of glasses, fashion or not!


  1. SOOO cute!! I am so excited that you got a pair! They look great! And missy so do you! I see where your girls get their poses from!

  2. I have had glasses since I was three, so I don't know how people could WANT to wear them :) The grass is always greener...

  3. I love Firmoo! I have two pairs from them. Unfortunately, mine have to have a ridiculously strong prescription. I honestly can't relate to wanting to wear glasses for "fun" (I'd pay a million dollars to not have to wear mine anymore!) but they look darn cute on you, that's for sure. ;)

  4. You are rockin those girl! I might just have to get a pair because I really do need glasses to see and my current ones are lopsided from being sat on lol

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  6. I love the polka dots! I need to find some items with that to incorporate into my wardrobe.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  7. These look incredible on you! Great pick!


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