Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I like to think Im on top of my game, as a mom and lady of the house. My house is usually clean, minus whatever toys are strewn about at that given time, or latest project. I make frequent trips to the goodwill drop off, and I/we bake normally. I think consciously of what we feed ourselves and the girls, although I'm definitely no health nut and never will be- because I'm a lover of goodies! I try to get 'ready daily' because it makes me feel better and I believe that a fresh coat of nail polish can brighten your day.

I never knew being a mom was so hard. I'm not even talking about the tantrums and dinner meltdowns. What's the hardest for me is the upkeep. All of it, from housework to maintaining a great relationship with your spouse. It's hard, and all of it takes work, more work then I ever imagined. Seriously how are there so many moms in the world? Anyone ever thought of that? I love every second of it, and I'm not complaining, but I'm tired. Yes tired, and plain old Burnt out. Just in time for one more activity to join our week, followed by one more shortly after.  summer-for the love of summer.

Planning dinners & lunches (lucky me, cameron and I are both home at lunch time), scheduling doctors and fighting with insurance agencies has gotten to be. It's a lot sometimes and when you get a bunch of crazy news in one week, it's even more overwhelming. The past week or so I've gotten used to clothes living on our downstairs stairs (split level) just waiting to be cleaning and a put away and color crayons all over my living room because I just can't bring myself to pick the up and these two little rug rats won't either-despite my nagging.

I want my Mom-Jo back. I want the 'I can do it all' feeling going on. I want to make a craft, or a project and simply be motivated and inspired. I want to go on a date, oh how I want to go on a date. I want the wind to stop (for the love of god) so we can go outside. I want to bake muffins and go on a donut date. I want to make a fabulous dinner instead of wincing when I ask if sloppy joes is ok?

I'm determined to get my mom-Jo back, perhaps after one more day of sulking? We shall see.


  1. Aww... as a non-mom I can't emphasize with losing the Mom-jo, but sometimes I lose the life-jo. It always comes back and yours will too!

  2. Mom-Jo. Haha! I like that. I want mine back too, but I'm still learning how to live with 3 girls now. Mariam just turned 5 months so we are still in survival mode but things have gotten easier. Running a household is a lot of work. Especially having a toddler that is in everything and you find yourself picking up after her...oh 10 times a day! Oh and changing about 9-10 diapers a day. That's always fun. Things will settle down though. Oh who am I kidding, they just grow up and there are new needs to tend too. Grab your hat. It's going to be a bumpy ride, but one you'll never want to get off.

  3. this is so good for me to read, being on the other side (but beginning as a mom soon!). I think it is easy for me to get swept away in the idea that "if I was just a mom, I would have so much time to cook dinners, clean the house, decorate, etc. But I KNOW deep down that isn't true. There are good things and bad things about both sides. I hope you find your Mom-Jo! (and that I get some too!)

  4. I hate when I have absolutely NO juice to do anything. But that's why I have my stash of B12 pills... hollaaa!

    And now I feel like I need to change my dinner plan because I was planning on making sloppy joe's for dinner. Crap.

  5. Just babysitting is exhausting! I can only imagine! I'm sure it'll come back on no time :)

  6. Oh gurrrrl....I feel ya. I do. This happens on the reg for me. You'll get your MomJo back, don't worry. Just take some time for YOU...away from it all for a bit, if you can. That's my best advice. Seems to help me and keep me somewhat sane.


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