Sunday, February 24, 2013

Im the Kinda Girl

I'm the kinda girl who makes up words to songs when I'm not sure what the real ones really are.

....that likes to be busy, and when I'm not I find a way to make myself.

.....that's obsessed with diet Pepsi I can't stop, as much as I say I want to try. I just don't.

...that hates things on the counters.

...that lives in flats and you'll never catch me in heels. Not even on my wedding day.

....that loves to be a "wife" and even more so a mama.

....that holds things in and is a people pleaser.

....that loves all things decorating/holidays/parties.

...that has anxiety and worries sun up to sun down.

...that loves to meet and be around people but is completely socially awkward.

....that is so ready for spring.

...that tries to make every day special.

...that loves to read and can get completely consumed in a good book.

....that likes all things cheesey-not cheese, more like corny.

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  1. Loved this post :) I walked barefoot down the aisle and so did all of my bridesmaids (except one). Then I put on flip flops (you know the 2 for $5 ones at old navy -- yeah) for about 30 minutes of the reception then went back to being barefoot :) And you know what?? I was comfortable and it was totally me!!! I'm addicted to coke, I can't help myself. I need an intervention of some kind. Stuff on counters -cringe- our counter space is seriously so small, that it seems there is ALWAYS something out of place on the counter that shouldn't be there. So annoying.

    thanks for sharing love :) I enjoyed. totally_rachel

  2. This just proves even more how much we have in common! Love this post, friend!

  3. I'm SO mad I don't live near you anymore. I starting checking off things in my head as I went down your list & I realized I checked off No joke!


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